Chicano Rap artist Serio releases his new album!

SERIO Soy Chicano Rap

Chicano Rap artist Serio releases his new album Soy Chicano Rap! The new album has a lot of new songs as well as some re-mixes and other great hits. Such as the first single that was released off of the album last year prior to the release of the new album “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Mexican” This song features one of Chicano Rap’s pioneers Frank V. from the group Proper Dos and another great legend the one and only Conejo.

The new album also has another great hit called “Sexy Ladies” which is a new club song by Serio and is great song to dance to and party to.

The song has been getting played in numerous clubs across the country already and was leaked out to DJ’s prior to the albums release and is a very popular song. This album also includes the hit song “Chicano Rap” which Serio had to include because he thought that it went perfect with the name of his new album. We hope you enjoy the new 2013 album by Serio Soy Chicano Rap!

February 13, 2013