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Serio is a Mexican American rap artist from Los Angeles, California, United States. This is the official Serio website. Stay up to date on all things Serio: Like music, videos, events, tour dates, news, clothing, and much, much more! When he was a child, his grandmother said that he always had a Serious look on his face. It was for that reason she gave him the nickname, “Serio” which is Spanish for “Serious”.

Serio Controla

He made his professional debut as a rap artist in 2005 by doing shows and leaking out his first single, “They Call Me Serio” before the release of his first album. In 2006, he released his first album, Nightmares Turned Into Reality, which is one of the most popular Serio albums of all time, moving over 150,000 units. Later, one of his singles, “I Got To Have You” gained rotation on select radio stations throughout the country. This was a great success for an underground Chicano Rap Artist from L.A.

In 2011, the pseudonym, “Serio” was trademarked. With his new-found notoriety came fans from all over the world. With the good, comes the bad. Unfortunately, other people started to use the name, “Serio” to mislead fans and misdirect internet searches. To eliminate confusion and fraudulent claims by imposters, it is now officially recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that Serio is Jonathán Pérez, the one and only. Pérez has had great success in his career. He has moved over  a quarter-of-a-million units worldwide and he continues to work in the music industry. He has and will continue to be a voice for Mexican rights and to strive to be the best he can be in everything he does. Gracias to all the SERIO-ites for making him one of the biggest names in Chicano rap in the world!!!