Music Videos

SERIO 2013

This video is the first music video where Serio took 2 songs from 2 different albums and made it into 2 music videos in one. The first part of the video is from the song “I Do What I Do” featuring SPM on the hook and the second part of the video is from the song “I’ll Never Forget” featuring MC Magic on the hook. So since it was 2 songs and videos in one Serio decided to call it simply “Serio 2013” since that is the year of when his next album is to be released.

Music video by Serio performing Serio 2013.
© 2013 Serio Controla Records

Serio Baby I Love You

One of Serio’s most popular music videos is “Baby I Love You” which has aired on some TV channels and is one of his most popular videos on YouTube with over a million views and the video continues to receive hundreds to thousands of views daily. It is yet another popular love song loved by many fans all over the world.

Music video by Serio performing Baby I Love You.
© 2011 Serio Controla Records

Serio Controla

Not just the name of his label but also the motto for his brand. Serio Controla is yet another great lyrical collage of Serio’s talent and skill on the mic. This easily separates him from his competition and proves he stands out as one of the greats of all time in the genre of rap.

Music video by Serio performing Serio Controla.
© 2009 Serio Controla Records

Serio Its Time For A Blunt

Serio, one of the most creative people in the genre of rap, remade a song that no one would ever think to remake in the genre of rap. It’s none other than, Van Halen’s, “Jump” and quickly became one of hip-hops most loved songs. Serio – “It’s Time For A Blunt”. This song is so popular that other rap “artists” quickly attempted to copy Serio’s idea. However, no one experienced success with the song with the exception of Serio.

Music video by Serio performing Its Time For A Blunt.
© 2011 Serio Controla Records