Serio decides to stop using social media

Here at Serio Controla Records we have decided to stop participating in the use of all social media. For the fans that enjoy it we will leave up the content that we have, unless those companies decide to take it down. Just like YouTube took down our video we had no choice in the matter. But we have decided that companies like Facebook and Twitter and the people that over see those companies, are abusing and misusing the true purpose of what social media was really designed for. So with that being said we will no longer participate in the use of social media from here on out. Anyone that supports us we respect your decision or opinion whether you think it’s good to use these social platforms or not. For those of you that do we encourage you to continue to promote Serio on your favorite social media website. If you decide to continue the use of social media make sure to like, follow, and subscribe to Serio. Please make sure to let everyone know. We respect people’s privacy and feel that anyone regardless of their social status or class deserves the right to their privacy. We appreciate your continued support and hope that any social media that you might be on, you will tell people about Serio’s music and for them to check out his website.

chicano rapper serio blast facebook and twitter

December 30, 2013